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The other day I am on Twitter. I regularly am on Twitter and then get the hell off for a break because of stuff happening like this.



Someone is talking about rape. I post this link :

:::i’m still here:::

It is an essay about being abducted at 14, escaping, and the friend who did not escape — the friend who died.

After I post :::i’m still here::: this guy on Twitter starts sending me screaming messages “Milking Cows is Rape!”

I have no response to this. I ignore him. [It is the Southern way.]

His messages keep coming though, over and over again — “Milking cows is rape!”



I am starting to burn. I can feel it rising. Harsh. Angry. I hate this feeling. I wish I was Ghandi. I will never be Ghandi. And he, the cow guy, keeps coming.



I say, Are you comparing my friend’s murderer cutting her vagina out with a knife and stuffing it into her mouth to milking a cow?

Yes he is. “Milking cows is rape!”

That is when I say I want to maim him.



[It is a personality flaw, when I am enraged and want to maim someone, I just tell someone, I am enraged and want to maim you.]



A 17 year old girl went missing in San Diego Thursday. She is a long distance runner. An honor student. She tutors. They found her car. They did not find her. She has been missing over 36 hours. And every statement in the missing statements just says, “We want to bring her home.” I do not know if you know what that means. I do.


:::about chelsea:::

Chelsea has been missing from a San Diego park since Thursday, February 25. Please pass this on. You never know who saw something or can pass it on to someone who does know or did see something and can help.

Please help us find Chelsea. Her parents want to bring her home.

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  1. Oh Max, I’m sorry.

    This makes me think of the days when we would discuss on “Thinking Girls” blog, which is when I started blogging.

    People have generally gone insane. The twitter cow guy? Insane.

    I am sorry for Chelsea, and all the girls who get taken, raped, murdered every day, every day, every day.

    The internet has bred a new form of violence. It is ugly, and the anonymity feeds it and helps it mutate and grow like radioactive soup. It draws predators out like nothing I have ever seen, and these people lurk and pounce like that twitter guy did–looking to hurt, looking to provoke, looking to feed on the pain he can cause sitting fat,ugly, and unwanted in his chair.

  2. max

    I have not been to Thinking Girl’s place in a while There were some good discussions there. “I’m Still Here” was a post in response to a discussion there.

    The cow guy is a psycopath.

  3. max

    They have arrested a suspect in the Chelsea King case:

  4. As a parent, that kills me. I cannot imagine the horror.

    Of course, that does not compare to the horror Chelsea experienced.

    Which brings me to the next obvious thought that since sexual predators/pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, they should be exterminated. They have nothing to offer society since they will always be a threat to someone. Habitual rapists as well. Kill them, be done with it. We live in a wimpy society that feeds them victims on a silver platter. They know they will at most go to jail, so why not feed their obsessions?

    Don’t get me started.

  5. and so it continues–they likely found her body. He got a plea agreement last time. There’s justice for us all.

  6. max

    They found her body yesterday.

  7. I am so sorry for her and for her family and friends. Well, hell, for all of us. It affects all of us.

  8. Of course, people like Chelsea don’t get to say it. That is only for the people who don’t die. Chelsea just has to scream for eternity, which I hope echoes in the head of the thing that took her away in such a way as to dissolve him from the inside out.

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