rabbit's friend


I have this rule.

If you think it, check it.

It could be a dumb thought, anything, like, you are approaching an alley, there is a trashcan in the alley, and it goes through your head, someone could be behind that trashcan in that alley.

Generally speaking, this would be paranoia. Generally speaking, someone who, walking towards an alley who said, We are not taking this alley tonight, there could be someone behind the trashcan in that alley? Would be viewed as kind of crazed whacked out.

Here is the thing about me. When I think those things? When they go through my head? Strongly enough or just fleetingly enough I am willing to say, Not going there, we take a longer route?

Most of the time, people just humor me, without knowing why, they sort of have to, I am pretty insistent, but sometimes?

Sometimes after I say that, the news comes on and is kind of scary and someone says, Good thing we did not go that way tonight. And then they look at me. Funny.



There is a card in the animal cards I own. It is Rabbit. It is a funny card. Just a rabbit. But it has this story. In the story, the rabbit and his buddy are on a trail, walking forward, and his buddy says, We are in danger. And the rabbit says, How do you know? And the friend says, I do not know, we just are, step aside. And they do.

And sure enough, danger comes, but it passes them by.

And then they continue on the trail, but the rabbit is looking side eyes at his friend. “How did he know?”

Rabbit and his friend enter three areas of danger, and every time Rabbit’s friend says, We are in danger, they step aside, and it saves them.

And then, Rabbit says to his friend, I fear you.

And Rabbit’s friend says, I have magic that has saved us three times, and you, because of my love for you, and at the end of that, all you do is fear me? And Rabbit’s friend goes away.



I am Rabbit’s friend.


where the art work comes from :
that is from al fed

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  1. max

    And well you should. C’mere, little fluffo tail.

  2. I have a bad habit of talking myself out of stuff. “Oh, don’t be stupid, Pooks, you’re being ridiculous, what the hell is wrong with you?”

    I need to pay more attention to my gut instincts.

  3. Never underestimate your internal radar. Keep it in tune and always heed it’s warning. A story I wont every tell on my blog since my mom reads it and this would freak her out:

    When I was about 8 (in 1973 before child snatching was in the news daily), I stayed in the car while my mom went into the grocery because I was in the middle of a really good book. For some reason though, rather than keeping my nose in my book, when she got out of the car I looked up. I noticed a car with a man in it parked about three rows over and towards the back all alone. A few minutes later I hear a car pull up to park in front of our car, but to the left a bit. It’s the one with the man in it. He’s left the engine on and he’s combing his dark red hair. He also has a rather full red beard. This seems odd so I look around some more and notice that the only other car near ours has someone putting groceries in the trunk. In that instance I KNEW deep in my bones that the minute that person finished loading her car and drove away, that the man was coming to get me. I did not think twice but got out and locked the door and raced to the front of the grocery store. I turned to look back…and the red haired man had driven away! Found my mom in the store and I ahe no idea why but I never told her why I decided to join her. I just remember my hear pounding in my ears and knowing for sure that I had escape danger.
    And from that day on, my radar always leads. I do not fear you – I want to walk with you :-)

  4. Max, that graphic is hilarious.

    “If you think it, check it.”

    I’m a firm believer in intuition, gut feeling, whatever.

  5. max

    Thanks. It was so perfect for this post.

  6. I’m still cracked up when I see it.

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