questions with no answers


cat_mask_iiI wonder sometimes —

What I appear to be.

There is never any knowing about that.

I post about moving desks. Eating cats. Strangers in restaurants. Messages in bottles. The loss of love. Salt water crocs. And trying to find a bathing suit I like.

And sometimes I wonder, what overall image does that paint to other people of me?

I have no idea.


A smart blogger would attempt to be one thing. So would a smart writer I think. Present one image. Build on it. Use it.

I am maybe not smart.


where the art work comes from :
that is from kristamas is abducted by alients

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  1. D-

    People get bored without diversity – I don’t think a smart blogger sh/would harp on the same subject over and over again.

    I think you have an interesting life and way of living.

  2. I like surprises, it keeps the day worth going through. I also like surprises when I read, because if I have to sit still for anything it better be worth sitting still FOR.

  3. forkboy1965

    I cannot speak for any of your other fans, but I think you’re deranged.

    But that’s a top mark in my book.

  4. max

    “Deranged.” That is funny.

  5. “I am maybe not smart.”


    You’re a fine piece of brains, darling, and legs.

    If half people in the world had those assets, the whole human race would already have jumped onto the next evolutive step!

    That blue is too blue, babe, shake it off.

    Shake it off, and keep hammering!


  6. You’re a god damn poet, and this blog is how poetry should be consumed.

  7. max

    Aww. Thanks, guys. Smooch!

  8. You appear to be yourself.

  9. Kym

    Till said it–this blog is colorful diverse poetry. Don’t make it monochrome.

  10. max

    [Holy crap! The pressure is mounting. Be myself and be poetic! Ahhhh!]

  11. Alien smart.
    Now. Hush.

  12. max

    LOL! You know I treasure that little engraving. It just cracks me up every time I look at it.

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