queen of the damned


You are —

Akasha — Queen of the Damned

A very powerful and very old soul, you care nothing for the humans of this earth. You long to be with your lover and will kill anyone who gets in your way. Look out for his betrayal…

[Jeez, that is a little ominous.]


:::which devilish female movie character are you:::


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  1. Well, with people like me posting here, no wonder you’re queen of the damned.

    Alice – Resident Evil
    You are Alice from Resident Evil. A former security guard for an evil corporation, you are a natural born leader who, despite your infection, has helped many innocents. Keep killing those zombies!
    Alice – Resident Evil
    Velma Kelly – Chicago
    Akasha – Queen of the Damned

  2. max

    Oh Alice rocks.

    Frontier, self deprecation does not suit you. That is twice. Cut it out.

  3. LMAO… Based on one of my recent posts Special Ed would like you!

  4. max

    Wow thanks Woe.

    [Um, now I have to beat Woe to death with some sort of metal device, everyone please turn away so you do not get called by the prosecutor as a witness which is terribly inconvenient and just will wreck havoc with your social and professional life]

  5. All of us Suth’n gentlemen are sel-deprecating. It’s how we lure Northerners to their doom. It got you to vote for Jimmy Carter and to watch Matlock way past its prime.

  6. I am 90% Akasha. That must be a good thing.

  7. max

    You know any time you say that must be a good thing you are in trouble right?

  8. Dan

    You are Clementine Kruczynski from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Often viewed as “crazy”, you are just plain spontaneous and will end up back with the man you’ve tried so hard to forget.

    Spontaneous? Me? I think this thing is broken.

  9. LOL, I’m not trying to get into trouble today.
    We do often get the same answer for a lot of these quizzes.
    You know how I say you and Spanky think alike? The three of us do, actually, but you and Spank have the speed to go with it.

  10. max

    Oh the Spank is younger and faster than both of us. Also since when do you have to be trying to get in trouble, Funny Girl?

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