psst, rain ---

You must go see Eastern Promises.

The Viggo is totally hot — and naked — in it.

Oh, also it is a good film.

12 Responses to psst, rain —

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, so to speak. The number of movies I have not seen would stagger you, but Eastern Promises in playing in my neighborhood, so once I get home I will indeed go watch it. Mortensen and Cronenberg were made for each other. They want to have each others’ babies.

  2. max

    I have difficulty watching Cronenberg films terrible things happen to women but it is Viggo so what can you do?

  3. It is Viggo naked, so what can you do?

  4. “We Own the Night” is a good flick, just saw it!

  5. max

    Silly Woeful. This is not about Russian Mafia movies. This is about Viggo.

  6. You dissing Marky Mark?

  7. max

    No I am delicately redirecting your wandering attentions to the true subject.

  8. Yes, and I hear he is truly awe inspiring. As good as Harvey Keitel in The Piano.

  9. max

    I think Viggo worked out harder. No offense to Mr. Keitel.

  10. max; were the workout tapes nekkid as well? How interesting.

  11. Rain can have Viggo – he’s too feminine for me.

  12. max

    You are speaking about Aragorn. Jeez. Blaspheme.

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