red_dress.pngI just felt like posting that tonight.

where the art work comes from :
that is red dress barely covers from va va voom

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  1. Wow that got my attention.

  2. Filed under “aztecs,” and “mayhem?” LOL, nice touch!

  3. Aztecs? Interesting choice of words lol

    I think her red Freudian slippage is showing!

  4. On the Discovery Channel this would be ” educational’

    On the History Channel it would be an footnote in a story about an eccentric artist who dies under weird circumstances ( elevator accident )

    On PBS some TV Preacher would be sitting in front of this and screeching about how we have way to much freedom in this country.


  5. There is something in the air…

  6. Yes, Vanessa, it’s called Spring!

    Oh maybe not for you. You’re having winter, aren’t you?

  7. Y’know, that pic reminds of this time Kate and I were in the dressing room at Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago, and there was this sales girl…

  8. In about a week, yes. We did the ceremonial turning on of the heater a couple of nights ago. Ritualising is fun…

    I meant that I am generally quite distracted by sexual thoughts at the moment and I don’t seem to be the only one…

  9. Why Vanessa dear…

    You’ll never be the only one as long as this bunch is breathing!

    They are all sex pots.


  10. max

    Oh we are just delicate blossoms.

  11. Y’know, that pic reminds of this time Kate and I were in the dressing room at Victoria’s Secret a few weeks ago, and there was this sales girl…

    PLEASE elaborate – let me know when it is up on your blog, Janie lol

  12. max

    I reminds me of this red dress of mine. I am betting Janie’s red dress story is more racey though.

  13. Brandon

    Sex Dwarf is a song – “Isn’t it nice; Sugar and spice; Luring disco dollies; To a life of vice; Sex dwarf.”

    Maisonpants put it on a CD for me when I moved to London. Told me I couldn’t listen to it until I was on the plane.

  14. max

    Thanks, Brandon.

  15. Max, you have got to be one of the most fascinating personalities I’ve encountered on the interweb. You are the only person — male or female — who gets me fingertied when I write.

  16. max

    I wonder if that is a good thing.

  17. Are you kidding, Max? It’s a great thing. I’ve already been enriched greatly by having found your site. You’re something fresh and unique and that’s something that you should celebrate.

  18. I’ve looked at this picture a couple of times now, and the best I can figure out what is happening is this:

    Mum and Dad got the kids their very own Nannybot for xmas! They tried to assemble Nannybot themselves after putting the little tots to bed on xmas eve, but, at four in the morning and after half a bottle of Baileys between them, they decided that the manual really was in Taiwanese as they had at first suspected, so they said to hell with it, and they went to bed.

  19. I’ve looked at the picture a coupla times, too. You know, it’s very captivating. It looks as if the woman is surrounded by mirrors.

  20. max

    There really is something about that image that does captivate.

  21. I wish I could see this in 3D.

  22. But that’s for my own perverse satisfaction.

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