prizes yay!

janiebelle and kate prizeHey. Celluloid Blonde won a prize. Yay! It comes with a graphic of two girls kissing [my parents will be so proud] and it is from JanieBelle & Kate.

Thanks JanieBelle & Kate.


[ps: no tongue fresh stuff]

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  1. aj

    I am scared to ask what won you this prize.

  2. max

    Gee. I do not know. I will make something up:

    “This prize is for being your gregarious charming and dazzling self. Also you are cute.”


  3. aj

    Congratulations LOL

  4. That doesn’t explain why I won one, though. Must be a very different critereon.

  5. Congratulations, said with some envy!

    I’m proud of you though, Max! You have inspired me – if the monster is created, it’s all your fault!


  6. Congrats Max! Well deserved (what was it for?).

  7. That is one very cool award!

  8. max

    The monster? LOL

    Blipey, Janie thinks you are hot she said so.

  9. Congratulations, Cheers!

  10. Well I had to check out this award which eventually led me to whorechurch’s blog. I’m hooked. (I so want a whorechurch sticker on my blog.)


  11. max

    I dunno. The whore church guy thinks polygymy is dandy and women who have premarital sex are “whores.”

  12. Oh, Kevin’s OK.

    I think that, like the rest of us, he may occasionally delve into hyperbole for effect.

    It’s part of the job description of blogging, I think.

    As for why you made our Wall of Honor, it’s because we love your blog. We love your style, we love your humor, and you’re pretty hot, too.

    You come to UDoJ all the time and make thoughtful and interesting comments, you speak your mind, you don’t just say whatever you think we want to hear.

    What else could a person want in a blog buddy?

    Ditto blipey, but he has the added advantage of clown make-up. I have a thing for clowns.


  13. Oh, and kisses to you.

    No tongue or nuthin’.


    (What about squeezing your butt? Is that verboten too? What if nobody’s lookin’? Just wonderin’.)

  14. max

    Damn Blipey. There can be only one!

  15. Sophia

    Congratulations you! For whatever this prize may mean.

  16. Thank god for only one Blipey. Besides, Max, I’m sure you don’t need the make-up to be cooler than a clown.

  17. max

    Say, a clown sat on my lap at Cirque du Soleil and that guy had muscles like steel. Clowns are in pretty good shape.

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