prizes yay!


strands of rayon Ooh la la —

I won an award from Kym for excellence in a blog. Yay!

Thanks Miss Kym.



wait, does this mean i have to write something of merit here?, uh oh


where the art work comes from :
that is strands of rayon by frank piccolo

17 Responses to prizes yay!

  1. Congrats, Max.
    You have racked up a lot of awards over the last couple of years.

  2. max

    I am pretty sure some of the awards committees are biased. [smile]

  3. Kym

    Wow! No one would complain about your award accepting outfit. That is a stunning photo!

  4. max

    Isn’t that a great photo? I found that a while back and have had nothing to post it with so now seemed like the time. Random provocative photo posting, yay!

  5. californiablogging

    This is an excellent Blog, well deserved award. I am a hardcore fan. I bookmark it when ever I use a friends computer. : )

  6. max

    Aww, thanks, Jen. Smooch!

  7. Congrats to you yet again. I guess to the victor go all the spoils even in the blogosphere. Wait? Are you a victor? No, of course not. You’re Max.

    To Max go all the spoils!

  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Kym’s assesment. Fun and games aside, every now and again you come out with a few sentences that knock me on my butt. Awesome!

  9. oh god.
    you’re a goddess.

  10. max

    You guys make me almost ashamed to post something about eating fortune cookies in bed. Almost. [wink]

  11. I dated someone who used to love eating in bed. It was all right as long as it wasn’t in my bed. I’m a crumb-a-phobic.

  12. max

    I do not think I will be going the fortune cookies in bed route again any time soon.

  13. Is that a sheet you’re wearing? I’m inspecting it for fortune cookie crumbs. So far, so good. Congrats on your award!

  14. Kym

    Max, some blogs I usually post to (like Dan’s) aren’t showing my comments. And I’ve had complaints about comments made on mine not posting so I am using this post to see if I am posting on yours.

  15. max

    Well you are now but I pulled it out of spam.

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