prison break dog!


This so rocks. You have to got to watch it. It is Prison Break Dog! Yay!




where i got that prison break dog :
kitty sent that dog to me

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  1. I love how it looks around up there – “hmm, I am really high…” LOL.

  2. Eddie

    Three…er…thumbs up — prison break dog, your red hair, and the snow!

  3. That dog has a career in the movies ahead of him. He’s off to look for a trainer.

  4. Kym

    It cracked me up how the video ends with one of the dogs left behind tentatively putting his paw in the chicken wire as if contemplating making his escape the same way!

  5. Made my day. Nothing is impossible!

  6. He should be a circus dog. I could see him on a unicycle doing the tightrope.

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