princess leia slave girl

princess leia slave girl hotness for science Okay, answer truthfully.

1. You are one of those guys who makes his girl wear buns on her head and pretend to be Princess Leia Slave Girl.

2. You are some freak guy who never thought Leia was hot in the first place.

3. Sorry old freaks those movies came out twenty years before I was born.


That is for science.

Damn. It.

:::blame it on engtech:::

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  1. 1) No. I’m one of those guys who asked repeatedly and never got a PLSG. :(

    It’s like number 8 on my top 10 list of things to do before I die.

  2. Back in ‘the day’ I use to show up at Star Trek and Doctor Who Conventions ( hey I’m STILL a huge fan) on a motorcyle ( and I drove those things friends and neighbors, I wasn’t a passenger) and in leather- oh and I wore those leather chokers with spikes-

    I was no Princess Leia Slave Girl- I was more like ” Princess Leia all in your face ”

    Don’t know about the rest of you…


  3. 1) No. But Slave Leia was hot. She was also highly coked-up since she was hanging with the SNL crew including Belushi at the time. But hot nonetheless.

    2)SEE #1

    3) That would make you no more than 13 years old.

    I’m more of a Number 6 guy anyway :)

  4. yeah, *friends* pretty much got it right. i was like, what, twelve or something when that movie came out?

    i am still lobbying for bronze bikini loungewear

  5. Anita donned leather and drove a motorcycle? That’s mad wicked cool! Did you have chaps, too? My god, please post a pic!

    Man, look at Carrie Fisher before the repeated violation of alcohol pecked at her face like a thousand hungry birds and blew it up into something fierce.

  6. #2

    I’m a freak. Go figure.

  7. I thought that she was hot, but I was 11 at the time and didn’t really know what hot was. I was just beginning to enter the phase of my life where boobies were magical and I wanted to see them. Funny thing is, I’m 34 and I’m still in that phase. HA!

  8. Hey Stiletto
    I’m sure there are Pics out there somewhere…but not in my house :-)
    Nah, I wan’t making a fashion statement so there weren’t any chaps involved in my leather days- just bug guts and the wonderful stench of freeway fumes and that perfume the girls wore back then…forget what it was called Baby something and it was pink.

    I looked like such a wreck.

  9. max

    Listen, my wardrobe depends on the answers here, I want answers and I want them now.

  10. Skip the cinnamon buns on the sides of your noggin and go with the strapless number on the white hanger. Don’t ask men about shoes.

  11. I’ve been DUMB enough to ask guys what they like to see women in…these are the answers that are now wasting my valueable brain cells

    1. A Good Mood
    2. Well, you know whatever
    3 That thing that what’s her name wears on that show
    4 Think School Girl ( and I have to of course say- think “Child Protective Services” )
    5 Something Short
    6 Something Long
    7 Um…nothing- that’s an answer right?

    There you have it Max- get what you like- based on the Chowder-Heads I know they spend most of their time imagining women naked anyway.

    What a world

  12. Let’s see:

    a) a mini-van
    b) a parenting class
    c) something classy if we’re going out
    d) something trashy if we’re staying in

    and the obvious

    e) my arms

    Yes, A & B are serious answers. Somehow, some women are able to make being a mom incredibly sexy. Sadly, a lot of guys never get this.

    Oh, in the places where Chowder originated, I think it’s “Chowda-heads”

  13. max

    Jeez, all I wanted was a Princess Leia slave girl outfit and now Firm has me preggo in a mini van?

    Listen I am not wearing the mini van and that is final.

  14. Did someone say wardrobe help? Just my specialty! So, um, you wanted to go out in in a slave girl outfit? Well, I highly advise against it unless you’re on a movie set.

  15. Haha, Anita, love number one. No doubt!

  16. max

    Email works again yay yay yay!

    Okay, clearly, on my deathbed, my two regrets will be I never ate a beet on a cheeseburger and never got the Princess Leia slave girl outfit.

    But one of these I can do something about while I am still cute enough to wear it.

  17. You’re going to wear a cheeseburger? Sesame seed buns?

  18. And Max, now that I have you in the van, I’ll see you in a few years to tell the offspring “I *am* your fahther…”

  19. max

    Oh my mother told me about boys with vans you cannot fool me just by calling it a “mini van” like that makes it all innocent.

  20. Go for the outfit AND the cheeseburger- in fact, go wild and do both.

    Go into Mcdonalds ( they are SO on my list ) in the outfit- order the burger and bring your own beets.

    That would be so cool.

    PS Firm- I’ve been to Boston, my ears are still bleeding to this day.

  21. You have my sympathy

  22. max

    Somehow when I was thinking about this outfit, the first thing I envisioned doing in it was not go to a fast food burger joint. Hm.

  23. Max! I’m surprised at you- on the other hand you’re not stabbing yourself in the leg with a pen to keep your mind on work because it’s a great sunny day and you’re stuck in a warehouse.

    At this exact moment in time going to McDonalds in a slave girl outfit seems like the greatest idead in the world


  24. max

    You crack me up.

  25. ***Jeez, all I wanted was a Princess Leia slave girl outfit and now Firm has me preggo in a mini van?***

    the princess leia slave girl outfit will do that to you ;)

  26. [shakes head] mini van.

  27. ( rolls eyes upwards ) sesame seed buns.

  28. Thank you. I was fearing that one had been lost. ;)

  29. I’ve warned my nephew about those Scooby Doo looking vans…I call them molester vans. I told him to run as fast as he can if those things ever pull up near him.

  30. max

    I had this instructor, one of the things we would do is go out days and do victim spotting. That is, you go to a mall and just walk the mall and parking lot, looking at situations, looking at different people there, what they are doing, what they are not doing. Picking out who is most likely to get hit, and why. Picking out who is most likely to do the hitting. Picking out scenarios that are not good too. In parking lots, you always avoid the vans. You do not park next to one going in. You do not walk between them and your car if one parks next to you after you go in. Vans… are problematic.

  31. I sort of go into alert mode when this everyday little thing happens- when people I don’t know and just sort of pop up from nowhere smile and try to get a little to- you know, invade my space.

    And then it occured to me what was making me feel defensive was seeing those teeth.

    Weird isn’t it?

  32. max

    I told a woman once if she accidentally got too close to me one more time I was going to punch her.

    Funny, it was a crowded conveyor belt scene at the airport but I got a lot of space from everyone around me after that.

    She had “drifted” up against me, and three times I had put three physical feet of space between me and her and she just kept doing it and I was done with that crap and ready to swing.

    I am not big on strangers touching me.

  33. So Anita, as long as the strangers don’t smile, you’re OK with them being closer? Hmmmm…

  34. I guess it’s my sunny nature and sweet disposition but I don’t really have a problem with strangers getting to close to me- I’m just saying that if there are teeth involved I make sure it stays that way.

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  36. I am a force of good on the internet.

  37. max

    You are, Cat Avatar Man. Definitely.

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