pretty feet


jeweled feetRefusing to succumb to —

Script stacks.

Psychotic neighbor episodes.

Workshop worries.

Classroom deadlines.

And website calamities.

I took the morning off.

I can sort of tell how far out of control life is spinning by looking at my nails. Perfect nails? Things are under control. Chipped polish? Nicked edges? Heading for a cliff. Big chunks of missing polish? Kind of over that cliff.

Today I was down to no polish. Not on my fingers. Not on my toes.

Sometimes, scripts have to wait.



where the art work comes from :
that is jeweled feet from va va voom

26 Responses to pretty feet

  1. The scripts will only think they have broken your spirit if you return to them pedally uncosmetified . Once they have psychological edge that, the battle is all but over.

  2. max

    Oh those scripts totally lost this one. My feet are all prettied up.

  3. Script stacks.

    Psychotic neighbor episodes.

    Workshop worries.

    Classroom deadlines.

    And website calamities.

    You need some retail therapy, too!

  4. max

    That or I have to fit in laundry soon the few remaining pieces of clean clothing here are making for more and more bizarre visual combinations.

  5. putting off laundry brings out the “creative” fashion designer in us all.

    by the way, that picture is only of the prettiest feet ever.

  6. max

    I have a cousin who does those henna designs usually she does faces and hands but if I make Carnivale this year I should get her to do my feet and get little foot jewels. It would be fun for a couple days to have princess feet.

  7. Ah, I think I’ve just realised what my problem is. Tatty, tatty, tatty.

    [toddles off to dig up some polish remover and ravishing porple polish]

    Life will be better now.

  8. max

    Pretty toe nail polish is totally feng shui.

  9. max

    It could be. Hey speaking of blue paint, did you see the Clive Owen version of Arthur? Which totally rocked with Guinivere in total full out blue body war paint? Yay!

  10. You ladies actually do your own nails?

  11. Max, are those your hands? You can give yourself French manicure, too?

    I swear you are a woman of many talents…it’s not fair!

  12. max

    Those are mine. I am a nail polish ninja.

  13. Damn. You obviously learned from the best!

  14. max

    When I was [cue scary music] a teen model, the agent guy had us come in once a week to get groomed by this aging fashionista who would do stuff like mess up our hair, toss us in a dark closet, and we had thirty seconds [she had a stop watch too] before she whipped the door open and our hair had better be perfect. She is where I picked up the art of French tips.

  15. Oh my god, that sounds damn near sadistic! Would she throw you back in if you weren’t properly coiffed?

  16. And when are you going to post more teen model pics? I’ll post one of me with bad hair in spandex and Motley Crue if you post another pic lol except yours will be good and mine will elicit laughs.

  17. max

    She would hautily look at you like you were the biggest loser on earth. Which as far as she was concerned, you were.

    Wow, spandex and Motley Crue? Wow that is really really hard to resist.

  18. Oh forget it. My scanner is not working and we didn’t have digital back then!

    Actually, the really bad mousy brown hair fried by a perm is the best part of the pic!

    Well, at least you learned the art of the perfect manicure from her…even if there was a whole lotta humiliation in the process!

  19. Hmm. Sort of like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

  20. max

    Humiliation? Me?

    What are you saying? You do not think my hair was done when the stop watch clicked?

    Oh yea of little faith. [wink]

  21. Thirty seconds? It seems impossible!

  22. I always seem to have a hard time on deciding which nail design to use, sometimes it can take me hours to decide. I usually try changing my nail designs at least twice a month.

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