pretty dress day yay!


elie_saab_iiiIt is Oscar Day.

You know what that means.

Pretty Dress Day!



*go see the dresses at grace’s place


where that pretty dress comes from :
that is from elie saab

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  1. Pretty dresses. Hugh Jackman hosting. New set. I am so there.

  2. max

    Definitely. The host is way more interesting to me this year than usual.

  3. Let’s see……blogging about using the camera…..pretty new dress…..

    Seems like you owe us a picture!

  4. max

    Not my dress silly guy the red carpet dresses.

  5. max

    Oscars are over, I think Natalie Portman’s outfit won.

  6. Beyonce definitely lost. I understand supporting your mom, but what if your mom has no talent?

  7. I loved the color of Natalie’s dress.

    Also, I really liked Kate Winslet’s dress.

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