preferably over eighteen


Reasons not to internet date….




where i found that reason not to online date :
i found that incentive at rain’s

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  1. LOL! Actually it would read more like: Hello ladies, I’m 6’2″, own a vineyard upstate, and prefer to drive Porches and Ferraris, however my sense of ecological responsibility always kicks in so I drive a hybrid instead. I enjoy spending quality time getting to know someone in order to make a real connection through hiking, and attending wine tastings and gallery openings. I’m a big movie buff, and love to catch film premieres whenever I can as well. If you’re interested, send a shout my way. Hopefully, each of us is exactly what the other is looking for. I looking forward to finding out.

    Wait, on second though, that guy could never pull it off even in writing…

  2. I love the way his eyebrows lift almost imperceptibly when he mentions that he might come into some money. It’s the only emotion he shows in the entire video.

    Besides….he looks short.

  3. max

    I wonder if the uncle knows that is out there. If there is an uncle that uncle is a heartbeat away from a murderous dominatrix with a web connection and a plan.

  4. I have single friends who’ve tried internet dating sites. And when they complain that there’s no one good on there, I’m always so smug, like “Oh, you’re too picky. Give it a chance!”

    I’ll shut up, now.

  5. Bunny

    The guy never moves in the chair until he says he is 20. Then he wiggles in the chair. He’s not 20, he’s lying.

  6. max

    No way Bunny, you think this guy could be dishonest?

    Ginny, come on in, the dating water is, um, fine.

  7. “So if there is anyone in Michigan who 16 hit me up and I’ll fuck you…if I can”

    Hahahaha….this guy at least deserves some hand holding for the brutal honesty.

  8. max

    Honesty is overrated. Also as Bunny pointed out he is not all that honest he starts actually moving every time he tells a lie.

  9. I’m thinking since his hair is totally ridiculous all is this is one big joke.

  10. max

    You just think that because you have not been in the dating pool for a long time. If you were out here treading water like some poor bastards I know [help!] you would know this is probably for real.

  11. max

    [He spruced for that vid by the way and slicked his hair all back to be sexy mean girl.]

  12. As you said, honesty is overrated.

    [I am so glad I’m not in the dating pool, y’all can swim it up in there and have a good time without me, man.]

  13. Kitty, may I sit with you in the dull, married end of the pool? It looks better every second. (I actually saw a bitch former-friend from high school who said, “you and sam are so opposite each other in politics, it makes me wonder,” and I said, “We have great sex. Still. Any questions?”

    Yes, I did, and you could tell by her reaction that she doesn’t. Ha!

  14. Great comeback Pooks!

    Just six months after I was married the question most often asked of me was, “You still married?”


  15. I heard that for years. LOL!

  16. LOL! I love this place!
    I try hard but I can’t understand this “online dating” thing. Okay, so easy to say so being married and so…but I can’t imagine my own video. Or getting some answer from a guy like that. Scary!

    The one thing I’m sure I’d probably say is: “preferably over twenty….eight?”
    How old is Jake Gyllenhaal?


  17. max

    He will be 29 in December. Just in time for Christmas.

  18. Ben

    This guy will probably wind up with a career in law enforcement.

  19. Wait! I’ve seen this guy before… Isn’t he Obama’s new “relationship czar?”

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