poor bastard


santa wants a nice suit



This guy has been pulling on his tatty little red outfit and showing up to spread joy and commerce and what did you leave him this year?

Cookies right? Maybe some milk?

Poor bastard.

Next year leave cash.

And maybe a nice Men’s Warehouse gift certificate.


where i clipped that photo :
i clipped that off rain

18 Responses to poor bastard

  1. Damn you are smart. And funny.

  2. Kym

    Hey the real Santa wears a fur coat and since it gets all tarnished with ashes and soot, he buys a new one every year. I’d say be sorry for the poor ermine that suffer for his vanity.

  3. max

    Thank you Kitty.

    Kym that is just milk and cookies guilt talking.

  4. Santa’s furs are DONATED now that all the best ermines wax. It’s all technically 100% recycled post-grower waste material. Very few people know that.

  5. Oh don’t you worry about Santa. He was well and thoroughly thanked at our place.


  6. Don’t worry.
    He goes to Vegas a day after.
    That’s what my Mom told me when I was a kid.
    That’s what I told my kids too.
    God I love tradition.

  7. I thought Mrs. Santa was Santa’s personal haberdasher.

  8. That’s not ermine; that’s elf skin. Elves are furry under their little green outfits. When you can’t make the quota, Santa has other uses for you.

  9. Santa is really a terrorist.

    Has Homeland Security checked his bag for WMDs? We might have to oust him from the North Pole.

  10. max

    All this time I thought he was just a survivalist hanging with the Bo Griz crowd.

  11. conundrum

    You would send that poor old man to the Men’s Warehouse????

    Talk about adding insult to injury.

  12. max

    Hey I am working people up from cookies and milk you think they are going to spring for Armani right off?

  13. Oh, Santa is really a klepto. That’s where he gets his Armani.

  14. ~m

    I saw this at Rain’s and loved it.
    Hers was in color but I think I like the B&W effect better.
    Great pic.

  15. max

    Well I do most stuff in b&w and also punk around with contrasts and stuff a lot — depending on how closely linked I am to the artist. Rain’s shot is probably the original straight shot.

  16. Yay, the snowflakes are back!

  17. If that’s ermine, its been machine washed…

  18. max

    All those chimneys have got to take a toll.

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