police tape is your friend


toilet_artWays to —

Avoid troublesome cleaning dilemmas when guests visit :

Cordon off extra bathroom[s] with police tape. Explain that is a crime scene the police are still investigating.


*not only will this remove extra toilet and tub scrubbing before guest arrivals, it will cut down extra toilet and tub scrubbing after guest departures


where the art work comes from :
that is from owen b

0 Responses to police tape is your friend

  1. Best housekeeping tip, ever. LOL.

    Of course you know when I go visit I’m going straight for the crime scene bathroom right?

  2. max

    Hey if you visit I might even clean the crime scene bathroom.

  3. ~measuring various doorways to calculate how many rolls of tape I need to buy~

  4. forkboy1965

    I don’t know….with the doorway taped off I might consider it a challenge to try and hit the toilet from the doorway!

  5. This Fall:
    CSI Bathroom.
    I like it.

  6. Oh boy. I sure could have used this when my crazy cousin Carol made me don latext gloves and stick my hand in the toilet to fix the pile high t.p. back up.

  7. max

    Cousin Carol who believes dog feces inside a house is an acceptable living standard?

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