please stop coughing


adeiuPlease please please please —

It is 5:30 a.m.

I must sleep.

Also phlegm sounds make me nauseous.


where the art work comes from :
that is adeiu by photopixel

10 Responses to please stop coughing

  1. “Also phlegm sounds make me nauseous” – okay I am nauseous now too, thank you.

    This man sounds seriously ill.

  2. wtf is up with coughing guy?
    note to self: if moving back to SoCal steer clear of Max’s building

  3. max

    Yeah I would not recommend the building.

  4. I so feel for you girl. It’s Saturday night(or Sunday as some people call it) and it is “Taxi City” around here. People seem to have lost the ability to walk home. Could be the alcohol, but I think we have just got lazy. If I got a penny for every time I heard a cab outside my block I could easily retire to a condo in a very hot place. If only!

  5. max

    Trade you — TB Guy for cab night?

  6. By TB I presume you mean tubercle bacillus. OK, I just looked that one up on Wiki. It made me feel smugly smart for at least 20 seconds. I’ll happily trade you. Some day TB guy will cough his last. Did you get that? Never mind. But Friday and Saturday night taxis will probably go on long after society has crumbled. You have a deal. Do you think the thousands of miles which separate us could be a bit of a stumbling block?

  7. max

    Oh it cannot be that big a stumbling block I have a skateboard and am not afraid to use it you know.

  8. Mind you don’t get your wheels wet. I wouldn’t want you to suffer from “rusty ball bearings”. Sounds even worse than TB.

  9. Have you considered confronting the guy? Or leaving a note? Or reporting him to the landlord? (As though that last one would be of any help)!

  10. max

    After that first incident with the wall pounding when they were really rude to me, I just do not want interaction. And there is no building manager. The last in a string of managers is gone and the only people left to speak to are the property owners and they have never been real considerate of their tenants they are like bad stock brokers, “churn ’em and burn ’em.”

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