send aspirin --- and letters


Miss Adams cannot post today.

She is too hung over.

Perhaps I will look for letters.

You sent LETTERS right?


That is another Chaovsky shot. Chaovsky is one of my favorites. You should go look at his work.


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  1. I am so envious I’m not there with you!

    Get better, you!

  2. max

    Wish you had been here. It was a lot of fun. They are off to Vegas now and I am back to normal.

  3. Animar: What a Reye of sunshine.

  4. You all better now? You party animal.

  5. max

    Anita’s aspirin is funny.

    Kitty, now I am slogging away paying for my time off with extra work but yes, all better, and it was great visiting.

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  7. That picture is so perfect for “hung over.”

    And I’m not sure why.

  8. max

    Isn’t it great? I love Chaovsky.

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