pingback frenzy


So I am doing —

This new project with the blog putting tags into posts.

[It is for science dammit.]

Which may or may not have interesting results. Right now though the results are real interesting right off but not for the expected reason. See, the way I post — which is usually set a future time for posts to go up on their own instead of publishing them right off when they are written — lots of times links in those posts do not create pingbacks. Unless at a later date I alter the post and save it. Then whammo the pingback hits.

[For the uninitiated, a pingback happens when another WordPress blog post or comment links back to a blog post — it shows up as a comment under the linked post.]

[Usually I do not pay attention or really notice whether or not pingbacks strike but wow I am noticing now.]

It is like they are sleeper spy pingbacks just waiting to be activated and take over. And they really are taking over. Every time I put one of these tag sets into an old post, wham, a pingback wakes up and the number of sleeper pingbacks that are showing up on my dashboard right now —

Okay, I am just imagining everyone’s comment pages filling fast with pingbacks from old posts of mine and it is not pretty.

Um. Oops.


*okay put the torches down and do not rile the villagers i am taking a tag break i promise

*none of this will effect you btw if you never comment [coughcoughslackerscoughcough]


0 Responses to pingback frenzy

  1. I would love it if WordPress had an option to add tags and not ping… I was just thinking about this.

  2. One day, i’m going to learn how pingbacks work, and why i should use them.

    Let us know how your science experiment works out, huh.

  3. brut

    er… um… great legs.

  4. kommoner

    Why the legs?

  5. Well, when I was young, and I understood things, I liked so much riding piggyback!

    But now I’m so old — I can’t even imagine what a “Piggyback Frenzy” could be.


  6. I still don’t quite get it.

  7. max

    You missed the pingback frenzy it probably got shoved off your comments page. [This is a good thing.]

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