indy & neil pupsOne of my —

Online students had a puppy in a story. I advised against the puppy. I had some pretty solid reasons for advising against the puppy.

He took the puppy out.

Now he signs all his posts —

President of PIBAMA
[Puppies in Berets Against Max Adams]

That just cracks me the hell up.


ps : seemaxrun has been offline six hours, this is pretty annoying to me, the server people say they are working on it


where the art work comes from :
that is from gren

8 Responses to pibama

  1. Kym

    The Puppies in Berets need to join with GIFM (Ginormous Insects for Frightening Max). They could be in any stories they want then.

  2. max

    Oh, jeez, Ginormo, I have not thought of him in a while. I wonder if he is still bench pressing small Volkswagons in the parking lot at the loft.

  3. Dan

    Normally, puppies wouldn’t terrify me, even in great numbers. However, animals in human clothing just freaks me out. And, berets count.

    But, Max, I do agree with your fear of VW-bench-pressing insects.

  4. Now there is a creative writer.


    The world hates you now. Everyone loves a puppy.

  6. max

    That is what the student said.

  7. :::singing:::
    “Throw that sack of puppies in the river”

    Just kidding. Those are actual lyrics from the song “The Devil’s Work is Never Done.”
    It has a pirate like sound to it.

  8. max

    Wicked Kitty. LOL

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