photo day yay!


That is —

Yours truly and the fabulous Joan Wai. Joan is the person who, with Greg, makes sure 5,000 Nicholl scripts do not get lost or misplaced each year.

Yay Joan!


[Photo taken by Greg Beal — who refused to have his photo taken — with Max’s nefarious camera phone that really likes to smudge shots oops.]


[Joan is also the author of Newcomer’s Handbook For Moving To And Living In Los Angeles no more lost screenwriters yay!]


0 Responses to photo day yay!

  1. Such a beautiful smile, Max.

    And wow, look at that waistline. Woohoo.

  2. You’re so cute!!

  3. max

    My pass makes me look kind of like a gym coach, can’t you just see me yelling at teenagers, “one more lap!”

  4. Not really – you haven’t quite yet developed that bitter, lonely appearance that public school gym teachers wear so well.

  5. That is a nice pic.

  6. Kym

    Speaking of photos–have you had your free photo shoot yet that you won? I’m looking forward to the results.

  7. max

    FFE, you wound me.

    Kym, that had to be canceled.

  8. After all the female gym coaches I’ve been acquainted with, you should be rather flattered.

  9. max

    [psst, FFE, I was kidding]

  10. I know, but I’m just deadpan that way. But I did have a brief flashback to high school and that was enough for the heebie jeebies.

  11. max

    “But I did have a brief flashback to high school and that was enough for the heebie jeebies.”

    Cool. My work here is done. [wink]

  12. If only she would use her powers for good . . . (nod, nod)

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  14. Oh my god!!! I have that book! And it randomly popped through my head last week. It’s a sign! Weird, weird, COOL!

    BTW, you look fabulous, DAHling, but I already told you that on another post!

  15. californiablogging

    Wow! A rare Max photo. You look good and that’s on a camera phone, damn!

  16. max

    Aw thanks Jen and Stil. Smooch!

    I have decided my wardrobe is way too tomboy though no man is going to marry a girl who lives in a baseball cap.

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