photo day




*donna snapped that photo of me and kurt at gee’s memorial luncheon


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  1. Kym

    You look gorgeous and glowing–as usual.

  2. Lucia

    Nice to see you again, beautiful.

  3. Lucia

    F…french manicure…and perfect makeup? Are you the same Max across the hallway, by the way? You look good. Maybe the economy hasn’t hit you as hard as it hit me. :-p

  4. max

    Funny girl. You are just used to seeing me toting trash or laundry down the hall.

  5. hair looks great, max (and you were worried . . .)

  6. Yeah Max, was this after the hair accident because it looks fantastic.

    This is a lovely photo of you.

  7. max

    It is after the hair accident. Thanks Chris and Kitty. The hair is a little interesting and I did not plan on being that bombshell exactly but it is still attached to my scalp. Always a good thing.

  8. aj

    Nice photo Max. Love the new hair.

  9. Hi Max,

    Sorry, I lost your email and had no other way to get in touch with you. Anyway, I was in your Screenwriting course through Gotham last winter. Since then, I wrote a short film called “Sleepwalker” which was shot by director Michael Randolph. The film was picked up by for their segment “Best Short Films in the World” and it’s up on their site right now. There’s a direct link to the entire film “Sleepwalker” on IndyMogul’s blog. You can also get to the film through this link:

    Thanks for everything you taught me.


    Jeff Vande Zande

  10. max

    That is great news Jeff. Good job.

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