perusing craigslist & the vertical pole dance


cirque du solielI have —

Been thinking I should get out more so I checked out Craigslist activities.

Wow. That was an eye opener. Those activities are totally frisky. One whole big ad was devoted to pole dancing classes.

Pole dancing classes?

I have been sort of eschewing activities involving poles ever since kindergarten when I was hanging upside down on a horizontal bar and… let’s just say when you fall off a horizontal bar face first with both arms extended in a swan arch the first thing that hits the pavement is your nose.

[Do not make fun of my nose.]

[Also what sadistic bastard thought it was smart to put horizontal bars for little kids on pavement?]

Also there is that time in high school we were clearing poles [again a horizontal bar what is it with horizontal bars?] in some aberrant leap twist a demonic gym teacher concocted and I not only cleared the bar I flew ten feet past it and hit a water trough in an undignified way.

This girl is real pretty though. She is sort of like Cirque du Soleil in platform heels and a g-string. Also she is smart she goes for vertical poles. [I wish I had thought of that.] Watch.




i would link the poll dancing class
but craigslist links expire after a week
you will just have to go to the list
and hunt it up on your own

4 Responses to perusing craigslist & the vertical pole dance

  1. californiablogging

    That was very artistic.

  2. Didn’t Teri Hatcher recently make this popular as a form of exercise? Trampercize! ;-)

  3. Once, while hanging by my knees on the uneven bars in the school gym (about 7th grade, I think) I decided to let go of the higher bar where my hands were and allow myself to swing from my legs. Well, the back of my head met the 1/4-inch thick floor mat with a sickening thud and nearly knocked me unconscious. That’s the last time I did anything remotely gymnastic.

  4. max

    Ow. That does not sound good Daily.

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