personal frenzy


I have —

Nothing to say today.

I just really like this photo.


where the art work comes from :
that is from nude munich

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  1. It should be called, “Assending to Heaven”.

  2. max

    I am picking up a pattern here Janie.

  3. aj

    Nice. Very nice.

  4. i just don’t get the underwear.

  5. I assume you like boxers?

  6. If I click on the photo will it enlarge?

  7. max

    No but if you…

    [I am not going there, bad Max, bad.]

  8. Unnecessary, max.

    I already did. (Weren’t you watching?)


  9. max

    No way. I was at the library. Teaching orphans. Blind orphans.

  10. Wow, I need glasses. I thought I read the photos were from ‘nude munch.’ LOL

  11. max

    Not too far off. Funny girl.

    Nude Munich left flickr which is too bad that was some nice work.

  12. Blind, homeless orphans, I’m sure.

    lol Stiletto. I read max’s reply to you and read “Nude Eunuch”. whoops. Slysdexia runneth rampant, and I suspect the image may play a part in our mass distraction.

  13. no but there are three guys flashing the world and the one facing me is not flashing anything.
    that is plain wrong.

  14. max

    You crack me up Blete.

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