penguin conspiracy


penguin conspiracyEveryone is asking —

What is up with the South Pole and all that ice melting.

Doy. It is a penguin conspiracy.

Didn’t anyone see the penguin movie? Those penguins have to walk too far. In the old days, penguins did not walk that far. But penguin mating grounds are tradition and more and more ice keeps piling up and now penguins have to walk A HUNDRED MILES just for a date.

Those penguins have had enough. They are melting the South Pole.


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13 Responses to penguin conspiracy

  1. Dan

    Man…those penguins are crafty little guys, aren’t they? Let’s just hope they never form an alliance with those nefarious bunnies.

    Then we’d all be in trouble…and not even your Doyjitsu could save us.

  2. i dunno. i kinda liked farce of the penguins better, with louis black. seemed more true to life; exceptional absurdity, discord and sick humor. of course it could just be me.

    although i do understand the walking 100 miles for a date part…

  3. Apparently, the ice melting conspiracy isn’t the ONLY thing they’ve been hiding from us.

  4. max

    Oh wow. Is that real? It is made up right?

  5. Never trust a man in a suit. Or a bird. That kind of looks like it’s wearing a suit.

  6. Yes, Max, the video IS real, and they’re flying to South America to smuggle drugs back to the South Pole.

  7. They’re not really flying to South America- you weirdos

    They’re flying to Canada.

    To avoide the DRAFT


  8. max

    You crack me up.

  9. Anita, you lovable weirdo. Let the Canadians have them. We already have enough crap to clean up after George W Bush.

  10. max

    No way, let the Canadians have the GWBush toy, we want the penguins they dress and navigate better.

  11. As long as the penguins bring Valliant with them.


  12. max

    Really. When is the last time that guy posted a photo for us? He is so slacking and we are overdue.

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