party on the sidewalk


desert sunI phone —

The Academy this morning. No answer. I leave a message. I have scripts to turn in and have been trying to go in mornings to avoid that dingbat sun.

I do not hear back.

That is kind of weird. Usually Joan and Greg are on task but I figure maybe they are snowed, so I call again later. Still no answer.

That is really weird. But I think, Oh well, I know they are there, I am just going to take these babies in, and I walk my scripts down.

As I get closer to the Academy I see all these people standing outside.

I spot Greg right off too. You cannot miss Greg. He is very tall and has a head full of silver hair so in a crowd under the sun he is like a beacon.

I wander up. Greg, Joan, and Shawn are all there. Everyone from the building is there. The whole building has been evacuated.

I say, Bomb threat? Wondering if a Nicholl entrant finally went off the deep end after a “sorry you did not make it” letter.

But no. Something about smoke in a vault. Everyone is having a pretty good time out here. There are some nice shade trees. All they need really is some margaritas and it would be total party on the sidewalk.

I hand over my scripts.

Cool. I did not even have to sign in.


where the art work comes from :
that is self portrait from areilstargate11

28 Responses to party on the sidewalk

  1. Smoke in a vault?
    Man, it’s getting impossible to find a place to have a ciggy break these days.

  2. aj

    Meanwhile, we are back to crisp Winter weather here. Turns on a dime, I tell ya.

  3. I could use a job like that.

  4. max

    You know any time I post anything about Nicholl stats just tank? That is funny to me. It is the most contributey-to-society thing I do an apparently the most boring thing I do too.

  5. Actually I think that anything that helps people achieve and realize their goals is worth talking about.

    You might not get the Stats Max, but you could get that one person whose curious enough to check Nicholls out and they could…be the next Max Adams.

    Stuff like this happens.

  6. max

    Oh sheesh Max Adams is still alive and here. They need to be the next someone else.

    I like that Native American tradition in Seattle, where you did not name someone or something after another person till that person had passed on –the idea being, it was that person’s name while they were alive and you did not go around handing out living people’s names on the fly.

  7. she is? I heard she bought the farm…something about an overdose of diet coke

  8. max

    Silly Criminy. That is all about the preservatives and staying preserved.

  9. step right up folks and check out this beautifully mummified max adams

  10. max

    Criminy comments like that will not endear you to girls.

  11. max, comments like that is my only endearing feature. *s*

    would it have been better if i had said beautifully mummified beauty max adams?

  12. You had me at Margaritas on the side walk. I can’t focus on all those finished scripts. Writers guilt I guess. Um just wondering what you are carrying all those scripts in? What about putting your name on the Max Adams messenger bag, that’s cool for the living……I think.. : )

  13. max

    I have a back pack that has wheels. Scripts are heavy it is better to have them on wheels.

  14. its a hoveround..admit it

  15. max

    I do not know what that is.

  16. good, cuz it’s not what I meant.

    I meant one of these

  17. they are all the rage with the diet coke…er… i mean with the urban up and comer set.

    how’s max?

  18. max

    I have not had a Diet Coke in days mean man.

  19. g’morning max

    I’d be willing to bet my harmonica that it’s not because i talk about it.

  20. max

    Well no. You began carrying on about it after I quit drinking much of it. Which really only results in me thinking about it and considering it.

  21. carrying on?


    see if i dip your pigtail in the inkwell again.

    hi max

  22. max

    Finally taunted beyond patience and reason by Criminy Diet Coke taunts, Max had two Diet Cokes.

    You wave cigs at ex smokers too right?

  23. no i do not….i light up in front of them

    thank you…max adams does good guilt trip

  24. max

    Wait a minute, you smoke and you are dogging me for sodas?

    Bad Criminy, bad.

  25. I also like a good rum and coke, hell you can even hold the rum if you want. hypocrisy is a good thing, as long as you don’t overdo it

    besides..i was pulling your leg..trying to get that money to fall out of your pocket before you elope with the “wanna date” guy. *S*

  26. max

    Oh that is so wrong. I am going to need that cash if I elope with the “wanna date” guy I do not think he has dental.

  27. silly max…once you are married you can carry him on yours.

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