part iii : anybody home?


inner windowI think about —

Whether those doors are locked.

It never seemed important on a second story above the street with no balcony before.

It does now.

And I still wait.

And then I turn.

to be continued….


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where the art work comes from :
that is inner window by wouldpkr

11 Responses to part iii : anybody home?

  1. Just to let you know there’s a Patricia Conwell novel about a serial killer who climbed through second story windows and he’d brutallly murder the women who were sleeping. Like, he’d string them up above the bed and nail their hands against the wall. Sorta like Jesus. I think that was the novel. It was one of her novels. Whatever.

    I definitely think you should get those doors checked.

  2. Oh, and that is CoRnwell. I need coffee. Like right now.

  3. max this is quite creepy and i am enjoying each installment.

  4. max

    Thank you Miss Rachael.

    Say when are you going to post another nifty survey I can steal?

  5. max

    [ps : jeez, stiletto, way to make me feel, um, all warm and fuzzy jeez]

  6. Blood is warm and fuzzy. And I want you to keep yours.

  7. On the top floor of the building I work at there are windows between the walls and doorways in the basement that go nowhere.



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  10. Kym

    I’m glad there is a fourth installment planned for the 26th. At least you’ll be alive until then, Right? Right?

  11. max

    I think I moved that to the 28th.

    There will not be riots will there?

    Hey since it is already in the cue, you know, something could happen to me and the posts would still keep posting. How creepy is that?

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