part ii : anybody home?


inner windowI lie considering —

My face is faced away from the glass doors. To anyone or anything outside those panes of glass looking in, I appear asleep. Eyes open or not. So I open my eyes. Close them again slowly. And wait.

Two minutes is a long time to think. I remember a story of Anita’s about really not wanting to look.

I really don’t.

I also do not want anything coming through those doors while I am lying quiet, facing away from them. But better he/she/it? Not know I am awake if it is coming.

So I still wait. Keep breathing like a sleeper. And wait.

to be continued….


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where the art work comes from :
that is inner window by wouldpkr

7 Responses to part ii : anybody home?

  1. Those minutes go on forever- you never forget them.

    You live them over and over.

    Even when you’re sleeping.


  2. This post is so f-ing readable. In fact your blog is that for me. I truly enjoy reading how you write, the brevity, levity and depth of the words. Much appreciated.

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