part i : anybody home?


inner windowI wake slowly —

Not sure what woke me. Unmoving. Waiting.

It comes again. A knock.

I lie, considering.

I do not know what bothers me about the knock.

Then I do.

It came from behind me. On glass doors two stories off the street.

to be continued….


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where the art work comes from :
that is inner window by wouldpkr

17 Responses to part i : anybody home?

  1. I think I may have gotten out of that bed damn fast.

  2. Uh-oh. Spiderdork again?

  3. It’s scary enough when it just FEELS like somebody is watching you…but then that hands reaches out and….

  4. {{{Shivers}}}

    Knocks can be so loaded. It’s one of the hardest things to write, certain ones. Ominous ones.
    You did it.

  5. what we have here is a cliffhanger

  6. max

    Oh cliffhanger sounds so violent. I like to think of it as a seduction.

  7. Kym

    Okay, that was creepy. I hope the knock was just Spiderman and he just was a little lost looking for Mary Jane.

  8. seduction works…I stand corrected

    talk about your rarities.

  9. I hope it was AJ Valliant and Max will end up saying, What huge knocks you have…

  10. Speaking of which, we’re speculating whether this is AJ (bottom video):

  11. max

    You are forgetting AJ is Irish he can only tan a bit darker than preternaturally pale and then only with the help of modern technology.

  12. But he can still have huge knocks, right?

  13. max

    Well huge something….

    [I so did not type that]

  14. Oh yes you did and I’m telling.

    Everybody over at Bagel’s is sizing up the dance boy as AJ. Even Soylent Ape is having man fantasies about him.

    You didn’t hear that from me.

  15. max

    I am so cracked up.

    I cannot keep up with Bagel’s site they are posting ninjas.

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