pack like you mean it


cat mit milkIt is 2 a.m.

And I am packing. That is minorly unsane if you are not me, keeping my hours, thinking maybe that justifies the hours — just being you.

Which it does. To me.

I fight myself all the time though. I think, You might need to use that.

This really destroys packing progress. It is constant halts and pauses.

So finally I tell myself, pack like you mean it. Pack like you are going tomorrow. Tonight. Pack like you are in a hurry.

I can pack everything I own in under five hours. I have done it before — when I owned a lot more. Now? I could probably do it in two. Under duress? Probably one.

Maybe I should go tomorrow. It would sure simplify things.


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  1. max

    The hardest parts of my marriage failing were, one, I failed, two, these were the best parents I ever had and they would never forgive me, and three, I suddenly had two arms where I had four. There is nothing I can carry myself the way I could carry it when I was joined to another human.

  2. Whatever you do, don’t hurt yourself by lifting something that is too heavy for one person to lift. That’s what friends are for.

  3. Kym

    Surprised into sympathy by your comment above–I had planned to make a smartass comment but you have disarmed me…

    Guess I wouldn’t be much help packing with no arms;>

    Seriously, wish I could come help but sounds like you, as always, carry yourself.

  4. max

    Oh hey, start driving. Bring your sons and husband. I will take all the arms I can get. [smile]

    I miss the country. Moving is never an issue when you are part of a community of men with trucks.

  5. I wish I could pack my things in just five hours. Or just one day.
    To me, that is living right, just having the things you need. It makes it so much easier to get out when the time comes.

  6. max

    I have been slowly divesting myself of objects for a long time now. Four thousand pounds worth of objects. It makes me tired just thinking about that. Sometimes by choice. Sometimes by necessity. Something about being trapped in that condo in Seattle and not being able to get out. Possessions own you. I have to love something a lot to let it own me these days.

    You have children though. And a partner. Your environment cannot only be about you. I bet you could pack in five hours if it was only you.

  7. californiablogging

    The fires had me thinking about this…. I am always packed to spend two weeks in the hospital with z…, I could be gone in under five hours easily.

  8. Wow, this post depresses me.

    Well, if I was around, Max, I would totally help you. I’d supervise :)

  9. max

    I am sore all over but the bathroom is done and if I pull out the twenty-five or so glasses that have to be hand washed [that I secretly keep thinking I could put in the dishwasher just to see except that never goes well] the kitchen will be done too [I am totally online to avoid doing that btw] and if I would admit temporary closet defeat and stash three portable hampers of clothing in the closet the bedroom would be totally done too except for art I have not done art anywhere yet.

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