ow ow ow


interruptionSo yesterday —

I allowed myeslf to be plied with saki [not that kind of plied, pervos, jeez] so am mildly hungover. Also I started doing a new type of arm sets [ow ow ow]. And basically am in no condition to be clever or type [ow ow ow] so we interrupt this regularly scheduled blog entry to bring you a fun blog entry from the past —

Why I Like William Shatner.

It is fun. Go read it.


where the art work comes from :
that is interruption by cinema cowgirl

21 Responses to ow ow ow

  1. If Koko had put on green makeup, Shatner would have been all over that . . . .

  2. max

    Tragically, Koko preferred red lipstick. It was not to be.

  3. Feel Better…
    but you know what kills the pain?
    I learned that from a Canadian.
    They’re so smart.

  4. max

    How much alcohol does it take to make your arms and shoulders go numb?

    I think I better stick to sports cream.

  5. Shatner would refer you to McCoy and a big Tang-orange coloured decanter of Klingon nerve gas derivative. And Scotty would say it goes well with scotch . . . just don’t paint yourself green.

  6. Nicholi told me he’d love to meet you. He’s gonna bring a friend.

  7. max

    Pants, you are evil.

  8. Wellll….I’m only 14% Evil- so that’s why I’ve brought you a little prez.

  9. max

    If that cat gets any more relaxed she will have to be picked up with a spatula.

  10. That’s why I spray my cats with Pam.

  11. max

    You know this is why Insanity Jones is sending me pleads for a bus ticket right?

  12. What …. he’s not’ asking for a first class ticket to fly?

    I’ve figured out he cares less then usual when I scold him because he’s lost a lot of his hearing.

    So brush up on the sign language.

  13. max

    Hmm, I gave him a credit card number to charge the bus fare and now there is a charge for a Porsche purchased on Ebay.

  14. Wow,
    He must be slipping, he only charged one car?
    It must be love.

  15. I put that lil’ zombie up at my Bones Blog…thanks for finding it.

  16. max

    The zombie kitteh totally cracked me up and natch I immediately thought, Anita has to see this!

  17. Oh I love the Koko post!

    So please tell us, what are you doing for your arms? Muscle bound minds want to know!

    lol@Anita – well there’s something to be said for biting the hair of the dog!

  18. max

    I love that story too. Every time I am slumped I toss out the Koko post or A Squirrel that Looked Like Hitler.

    I never had to do upper body anything because I had two big dogs I was picking up all the time. Now the dogs are gone and so will be my arms if I do not do this stuff.

  19. Oh no, I lost my whole comment by clicking on a link. Oh well. Never mind!

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