ow ow ow


I am really wanting a puppy today. A friend’s beloved dog died and that opened up this big hole inside me that is missing dogs. And I can just hear the quiet echo all around me that would be filled with dog sounds but is not so is stark and sterile and silent.

You would think it would have the opposite effect because I am feeling all the things I felt when the dogs went and that really really hurts but instead it is having this opposite effect and I just really really want to hug a dog right now.


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  1. Kym

    People who have dogs live longer, happier lives.

    …And they have dog hair everywhere but it’s worth it.

  2. max

    Oh I mastered the art of combating dog hair a long time ago. Also dog paw prints, dog wall and window smudges, dog nose prints, dog ear infections, dog thumping tail catastrophes, dog impromptu jumps in algae infested ponds, dog forays through poison oak, dog tick calamities, dog flea baths, dog burr removal, dog eye drop administration, how to convince a dog to take a pill, dog hymlich maneuver, pretty much all things dog — except how bad it hurts losing a dog. That I never mastered.

  3. Kym

    I never mastered that either but one soft chin settling on your knee with two dark eyes looking at you with love fills a lot of holes in your heart and makes risking one more hole worth it.

  4. max

    This is true. It is more complex living in the city with a dog though. And I am in an apartment. No yard. Maybe I need to go put in more time at animal rescue. That always makes me feel better when I am dog lonely.

  5. We’re not meant to master the loss of a dog….or cat….that would somehow make having them less special.

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