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photo_shootKeeping up with the calendar —

The July 11th pitch meetup filled, but we have opened a few more chairs so you can still get in if you jump now: :::pitch meetup:::

The July 13th online master class, Character Writing, has seats still open, this is an online master class in screenplay character choices, construction, presentation, and plotting with character: :::classes:::

The July 25th in person three hour pitch seminal in Los Angeles has seats open, more info about that is also available at :::classes:::

The September 14th online master class, Structural Writing, is now open for registration. Again, more info at :::classes:::

5150 the online screenwriting workshop is currently full. There may be a chair opening in September. Not sure yet. If you are interested in the workshop, you can read up on it at :::5150:::

Questions? Feel free to ask here or write in at :::contact:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from sherry

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