otter love!


Oh. My. God.

Otter love!




*be sure and stick to the end it gets really funny


where i got that otter love :
i got that otter love at stil’s place

0 Responses to otter love!

  1. Aww… that just made my day! Adorable.

  2. aj

    That is just too cute.

    Will be interesting to see all the weird search terms you get now. “Otter Love” is sure to mix it up for you.

  3. This is so adorable. Animal love. Sigh.

  4. Trenchy

    that’s otterly ridiculous…

  5. No, it’s otterly cool!

  6. max

    Trench! Where have you been?

  7. Trenchy

    I’ve been otter town, on business… hehehe.

  8. max

    I am all distraught the Pete post and the Red Velvet Cake are gone. Sigh.

    [Also traumatized by puns.]

  9. Trenchy

    Yes, the hospital caught wind and felt that I was less than flattering… AND we we’re in contract negotiations so poof goes Trenchy. Then my laptop was stolen and I lost all the work I had saved… ah well, those stories are better told over a couple Stellas anyway.

    [Puns are the pop-rocks of the language]

  10. max

    Oh no. So Red Velvet Cake and Petey Rides Again are gone forever?

    That is so wrong.

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