orchid mayhem


I go to the store.

The store has beautiful little orchids. I buy one. The man says today they are on special and I get two orchids for buying one. This makes me happy.

When I get home I put one orchid on the desk and one in the bedroom.

The orchid on the desk gets very unhappy. Early morning sun hits the windows behind the desk and even with the shades drawn, the orchid says, TOO MUCH SUN!

I say okay and move the orchid to the bathroom.

The orchid in the bedroom gets unhappy. I say, Oh no, what now little orchid?

I never open the blinds in the bedroom. It is like a little bat cave in there. The orchid says, NOT ENOUGH SUN!

Now I open the blinds in the bedroom when I get up and the little bedroom orchid gets happy.


ps : is anyone else watching fringe it totally rocks


where the art work comes from :
that is from good mosconi

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  1. aj

    Fringe starts here tonight at 8.30. So tomorrow, I can answer your “ps”.

  2. Fringe is suprisingly strong. I thought an X-Files redux would bore me, but the actors are compelling and the show has a grave tone that I like. Not nearly as frantic as X.
    As far as orchids go, Mapplethorpe ruined them for me forever. I see orchids, I get horny. This can be embarrasing when one is at the florist.

  3. max

    I will hold off saying anything till you see the pilot AJ.

    Mike, that is, um, a very unusual reaction to orchids.

  4. My wife went through a phase where she bought every orchid she saw, so now the house is littered with them. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I don’t have Mike’s reaction to them …

  5. Sounds like you’re the victim of a petal pusher.

  6. When my Grandmother was alive she grew Orchids ( she lived in Hawaii ). We had them all over the place.

    I still can’t make myself buy one…but boy do I miss them.

  7. max

    Your grandmother was a fascinating woman with very good taste in flowers.

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