ooh la la


venus on saturday a morningI am not sure —

I exactly agree with what this quiz says.


You just cannot turn your back on a quiz that says you are Aphrodite.



You are…


A total shining star with a ton of admirers.
And no wonder. You live life to the fullest.
When things get bad, you can easily take off to a happier place.
But occasionally, you need to deal with problems head on.

[aphrodite in big black boots is so working for me]


:::what goddess are you:::


where the art work comes from :
that is venus on a saturday morning by super g

11 Responses to ooh la la

  1. Kym

    You Are Psyche!
    Eternally in search of purpose and insight.
    You’re curious and creative with a total sense of wonder.
    Totally empathetic, you pick up on other’s moods easily.
    Just be sure to pamper yourself as well!

    MMM, and I like being dragged off by handsome brooding sort. Captive against my will…

    Ooo, I better stop before I get carried away.

  2. max

    I thought the idea was to get dragged carried away.

  3. Yay! I’m Aphrodite too!

    Which such great beauty comes great responsibility. Not sure if you’re ready to handle it, Max. So hand it over! All of it!

    You can keep the boots though! heehee

  4. You Are Artemis!

    Brave, and a natural born leader.
    You’re willing to fight for what you believe in…and I wear big black boots!

  5. max

    You are so not making off with my Aphrodite title. Jeez.

    You know this quiz is actually reflecting the people who are taking it. That does not happen all that often.

  6. No doubt. I love this quiz already.

  7. sulya

    I too am Psyche. This is, somehow, not surprising…

  8. You Are Artemis
    Brave, and a natural born leader.
    You’re willing to fight for what you believe in…
    And willing to make tough decisions.
    Don’t forget – the people around you have ideas too!

    Scary stuff.

  9. It says I am Aphrodite

  10. max

    Hmm, either there are only three goddess answers, or we have a definite personality pattern on Celluloid Blonde. Aphrodite, Psyche, and Artemis.

  11. Depending on my mood for the answers, I got the goddesses in this order: Artemis, Aphrodite (who is very opposite of Artemis), and then Psyche.

    Did they only use 3 or what?

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