ooh la la my bombshell twin


scarlett johansson

You are most like —

Scarlett Johansson.

[Say, if I let my hair grow another inch, I can do that look.]


:::what modern bombshell are you most like:::



18 Responses to ooh la la my bombshell twin

  1. I am most like Liv Tyler.

  2. Liv Tyler here as well. Uh, which is really about as unlikely as humanly possible.

    Also, can’t I say my best feature is my boobies? They’re magnificent! What kind of bombshell quiz doesn’t let you pick your boobs as your main feature?

  3. max

    One that thinks sultry eyes and lips count too boob girl.

  4. “You Are Most Like Eva Longoria”



  5. You Are Most Like Liv Tyler

    “I don’t want to spend so much time obsessing about myself.”

    Guess if I’m going to have gender identity issues, might as well have Steven Tyler for a dad.

    And there’s that Poe-ish tubercular look going for her too . . . .

  6. Another Liv Tyler. I’ll take that.

    Raincoaster, I was looking for the boob box as well. I wonder if that would have changed the results.

    Just for the hell of it I put in the LEAST likely answers for me and it came out Charlize Theron.

  7. I got Liv Tyler too.

  8. max

    Wow. Lots of Liv Tylers.

  9. aj

    You Are Most Like Charlize Theron.

  10. sulya

    I got Liv Tyler as well.

    Odd thing is I would never consider her a bomb shell. I enjoy her, but bombshell is not what comes to mind when I think of her….

  11. max

    Yeah, to me she is much more girl next door with legs up to her neck than she is bombshell. But hey, the quiz makes her a bombshell so not everyone thinks that I guess.

  12. Hi Max,

    Found this on my my Stats page under
    Search Engine Terms- think it’s for you.

    “anita blond” {frsh=100} 1

  13. sulya

    The gal does have the gams – I’m with you there…

    Oh to have the gams… *sigh*

    Reminds me of the Fay Weldon story… They made it into a movie, I think, with Roseanne Barr… Not nearly as cool as the story… In the story the a woman has extensive plastic surery including breaking and lengthening her legs…

  14. Um, I am Scarlett, too.

    As Anita said, Yep.

  15. Guys think Liv is a bombshell. And that counts.

  16. Another Liv, here.

    How many of us chose jeans? I even changed some of my answers and still got Liv.

  17. Pooks, I thought is was the jeans too!

  18. So… I think I failed the blonde bombshell test. I got “Eva Longoria.” She’s not a blonde. Maybe the test is saying I need my roots touched up.

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