ooh la la


At last —

A Battlestar Galactica quiz that got it right. Yay!

You scored as Number 6.

You are the hottest toaster out there. Even though everyone doesn’t listen to you, you have the sole attention of the smartest individual in the galaxy.


:::who are you on battlestar galactica:::


okay not entirely right, really I would like to be Kara, but hey, if I have to be someone hot and sexy like Number Six I can really live with that though there is that pesky destroying the human race thing going there oops


where the art work comes from :
i am not sure who to credit but that is tricia helfer aka number 6

0 Responses to ooh la la

  1. Dan

    You’re going to make me betray humanity, aren’t you?

  2. max

    Define “betray humanity.”


  3. I am Saul Tigh… Although I still have all my hair, both my eyes, and am not 60 years old.

    By Your Command.

  4. Lee Adama -you are a champion of what is right, not just popular or easy. You can hold your own against anyone.

    [I have no idea who this guy is…]

  5. Dan

    Oh, I don’t know Max…”betray humanity” could be something as simple as stealing the world’s supply of ice cream and stockpiling it somewhere solely for your use.

  6. I’m fucking Lorne Green.
    I had to do something wrong…….

  7. Not to be confused with
    Fucking Matt Damon….

  8. Kym

    Max, This quiz asked several questions twice. Think carefully, I know it said you’re beautiful and sexy but maybe…just maybe…it isn’t the best quiz ever.

    Although, it did say that I am the beautiful woman that Jayne comes to BSG’s verse in order to save. So it isn’t all bad.

  9. Actually, good tests tend to ask he same or similar questions over. Personality tests do this. It demonstrates how consistent you are through your answers and weights the results accordingly.

    … Now if I were actually Tigh, I’d be looking for my whore of a wife and taking a pull off my flask.

  10. Dan

    Last I saw her, she was making time with Dean Stockwell. Guess she has a thing for holograms.

  11. Brut

    What’ed they doo with the no sign?
    No. Sex 6 who or whatever that is. Whats battlestarr galetica anyway\ a new show?

  12. max

    Um. Less vodka, more TV, Brut.

  13. Who are you on Battlestar Galactica?
    You scored as a Saul Tigh
    You are Saul Tigh. You have acheived much and get things done, even though sometimes you have trouble doing them. Excuse me, I have to shoot somebody out the launch tube . . .

    LOTGK – if you’re fucking Lorne Greene, then I suppose I’m fucking Dan Blocker . . .

  14. max

    FE you are still in cuss meter mode that is funny maybe I should wait a couple days and rescore before posting that. [smile]

  15. M’dear, I’ll be more than glad to repost that (I’m in Michael Caine mode right now)

  16. Dan

    If it makes everyone feel better, it looks like I swear 50.4% of the time. Crap.

  17. Just glad I wasn’t Dirk Benedict.

  18. Me too, LOTGK – I’d hate to be fucking Richard Hatch

  19. max

    Aww, Richard Hatch is nice he is on the new Battlestar Galactica.

  20. yeah, but I’d hate to be f’in him, or Dan Blocker for that matter . . .

  21. I haven’t actually seen this show, although I’ve seen them filming. I am apparently Anastasia Dualla, whoever that is. It claims I am calm and collected. FUCK THAT!

  22. max

    Dualla is really beautiful but she makes very bad man choices.

  23. Oh, that would be me then.

  24. max

    Thought you would see the resemblance.

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