one week and counting

garlandBirthdays mean more to me than New Year’s Eve. Or Valentine’s Day. Or pretty much any other day. That is my day. The day of my birth. When I was given life. The day I look at my life and each year think about what I have done, what I have not done, what maybe I should do more, what maybe I should do less, where I have come from — and where I wish to go.

Usually I can figure it all out, stay the course if I am wobbling, press the cause if I am not.

This year, I have not got all the pieces put together in my head yet. All the pieces are there. I have just not put them together yet in a pattern that makes sense. Partly because some of those pieces, I am not real happy with. I know what they are. I have just been avoiding putting them together and looking at what they mean combined into a whole — and what I must do now to stay the course and press the cause.

Some of it is not going to be fun.

It is time though.

[Doesn’t being an adult just really sometimes suck?]

After I do the work, there is wine and cheese waiting for me on the roof. That is the fun part. After you do all the head searching, all the figuring, where you have succeeded, where you have failed, what you need to do, where you need to go –

The first next stop is a rooftop garden, candles, friends, a bottle of merlot, and —

It is not a damn meeting you do not have to wear jeans you do not even have to look like a writer on your birthday you can wear any pretty dress you want.

Jeans get old.

Birthdays rock.

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  1. I’d also recommend a tiara. Everything is better with sparkly headgear.

  2. Holidays Bite.

    I mean, think about it- we all have ways to ‘deal with them’.

    Except for Halloween; now I loooovvvve Halloween. I just sort of let that one happen.

    But as for the rest I’m in full on battle mode.

    Except for now I’ll add a tiara to my weapons stash.

    Anita Marie

  3. Dear Max,

    Loved “Exorcising the Dog,” I see what you mean about your comfort with dialogue.


  4. aj

    I love birthdays. I think it’s the cake. I do not eat cake regularly, it is not my choice of bakery item, but on my birthday, even if celebrated the Saturday night afterwards with friends, on my actual birthday, I have a chocolate iced cupcake.

    I recommend a cupcake, Adams.

  5. max

    Thanks, Jester.

    A tiara in the right hands is a dangerous weapon, Anita.

    AJ, cupcake noted. I rarely do cake on birthdays these days. I will have to remember to grab a cupcake.

  6. Ah, look what your parents had to celebrate with for Valentine’s, a new baby Max.
    Lucky them, lucky us, lucky world because you are in it.
    Most people relax and put their cares on hold for their birthday. Not you, it is major eval time. Glad you will take some time out on the roof and treat yourself to some wine and cheese. Classy girl you are. Cheers.

  7. max

    Wish you could come, Cutie.

  8. Where are you finding these beautiful photos?
    I love them.

  9. Happy birthday Max. I will think of you dancing on the roof wearing that tiara and drinking wine. A nice picture, indeed. You deserve it.

  10. Happy last week being how old you are now…. ( some in my family celebrate an entire month like this…) Cup Cake yum! I took Zach for Sprinkles and I had a carmel apple cup cake….. Enjoy the count down, don’t judge too harshly…..

  11. Sophia

    If I knew Mr. Adam’s phone number I’d call him on your birthday and personally thank him for being so inspired let’s say November 12th… what is it? 25 years ago? November 12th 25 years ago. I’m so glad your parents had been naughty that night. What the…. on your birthday I’ll have a piece of cake for you like I’m there. Just for you! I’ll even sing (and that’s no threat). Smooch!

  12. Yay for Max’s birthdaygras!

  13. max

    Aww. Thanks, you guys.

    Gwenda, birthdaygras cracks me up.

    Kitty, all different places. Some of it is old vintage stuff. Some of it is more current and then I link the artist at the bottom.

  14. Go for broke, girl. My brother celebrated his birthday all week and I think you should too! (Minus all the drugs, just lots of merlot)!

    Make sure that tiara ain’t spiked with a bomb!

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