one more day....


One day left for —

The great date essay competition. Ooh la la.

This has actually resulted in a certain amount of trauma because people keep sending in letters with attachments that my poor old Outlook program cannot read or see. Finally, I was forced to dust off Thunderbird just so I could see some of the attachments. Which got more complex because I forgot the email password so then had to open the site to go change the email password only another browser was fighting with the site so I couldn’t find the email account so then I had to change browsers again to see that to change the password in order to –

Let’s just say it turned into a lot of work.

Who knew?


This probably means I am going to have to finally give up Outlook and change over to another mail program. I knew it was coming. Sigh.


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where the art work comes from :
that is from john carroll doyle

0 Responses to one more day….

  1. Stiletto

    Tom Wayne said he was going to submit an essay because you banned Republicans.

    I told him he wouldn’t have a chance. He’s a lousy speller.

  2. max

    LOL — he is disqualified on an awful lot of fronts.

  3. I was telling a friend about your contest. We agreed that instead of dating a screenwriter, a woman with your proclivities (Jayne, and other delicious types)ought to join a hunting club–in a wealthy area, of course.

  4. max

    Hunting? You mean — shoot Bambi?

    I could go back to the firing range or go back to martial arts but I could not shoot Bambi.

  5. Did I say anything about shooting something live?
    I’m talking about hanging out with the strong silent type. Joining a hunting club is not the same as hunting…or at least not the same as hunting for Bambi’s.

  6. max

    Kym, if you join a club about hunting, sooner or later fellow club members will expect you to hunt and kill something. I only hunt humans. Bambi is out. Wait —

    Back again to martial arts. Hmm.

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