one hundred years


daughter of the circusIf I had been born —

One hundred years ago.

I would have grown up when the nuclear bomb did not exist, when intimacy did not kill, when, if someone in the family was homosexual, he or she was politely referred to as a confirmed bachelor or maiden aunt, when a president had never left office caught out spying on the opposing party, when a president had never stayed in office openly spying on the opposing party, when people in government did not publish reports about presidential blow jobs, when there had never been a Pearl Harbor, a Hiroshima, a Korea, a Viet Nam, or a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, when we did not know there was an Iraq, when if a levee broke my countrymen were not left by my “leaders” to drown and die by water, starvation, or contagion.



If I had been born —

One hundred years ago.

I would have died at birth.

The technology did not exist to save me then.






where the art work comes from :
that is daughter of the circus by michael garlington

19 Responses to one hundred years

  1. Wow max. The irony of the end on that one hit me like a Mack truck. (A Max Truck?)

    That’s twice you’ve given me whiplash in just the last few days.


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  3. max

    Oh you just are trying to get me doing naked back rubs.

  4. If my Grandmother’s Sister were alive she’d be hitting 100 at the end of this year and she:

    was a Bush Pilot ( just like these guys: )

    smoked Cigars that she “imported herself” from Cuba

    knew how to tell a good story.

    If time isn’t on your side- whup it up along the side of it’s head and get it there PRONTO.

  5. MOI????

    (But just for the record, how would I be doing if I were doing such a thing?)

    Anita Marie, that’s awesome!

  6. I am so glad you are here! I have a running count of how many times I would have died if not for modern medcine……..what, forget that…I have lost count but I would be gone several times over.

  7. max

    Thanks Miss Jen.

    [Janie I am not answering that. Whistling….]

  8. I lurk here sometimes and finally had to pop my head in. The irony, the edge, the dark wit… just what I need, another blog to add to my addiction. (and now add Ms. Pants to the pile, thanks, Max)

    I like the memory i:ii:iii series.

    P.S. I use your “pitching a spec script” in one of my classes at Vancouver Film School. Thanks for the tips.

  9. I believe I shall take your non-answer as an answer in itself.

    Did I mention how lovely you look in that swimsuit picture from a while back?

  10. max

    It is a terrible thing to be so easily swayed by a compliment. I am weak, damn it.

    Thanks, Channel.

  11. Well Done Max!

    As I was reading, I began thinking that the days of yore, though nice to occasionally romanticize over, weren’t exactly peachy; influenza, no voting rights, explosions via gaslight, a chance the child you would have been used to crawl inside the machinery of some sweatshop… And, if you go back far enough, We were considered to be “terrorists” by the Crown.

  12. sulya

    There is a book by Connie Willis called The Doomsday Book.

    If you haven’t read it – It’s sci-fi/fantasy. There is a sentence in it that family members and I quote at each other fairly often that relates to a bunch of historians who travel in time to do research and have classifications, on a scale of one to ten, of how dangerous a particular time in history is.

    Ten being hella dangerous, One being relatively benign.

    As things progress in the book and things go pear-shaped, one of the more experienced historians/time travellers says that though it comforts us to think otherwise, “Every century is a ten.”

  13. max

    Well. Los Angeles is a definite 10. All you have to do is look at the map for the L.A. Times homicide report. This is one week of homicides in Los Angeles:

    homicide map los angeles

    Makes me wonder what the hell I am doing here sometimes.

  14. sulya

    Yikes and Crikey and holy hell.

    That is disturbing. A definite 10.

    A 20 as far as I’m concerned, because you live somewhere in the middle of all that…

    It’s amazing how quickly things like statistics can seem larger than life when they surround or apply to someone you know isn’t it?

  15. max

    It is a war zone. And I live in it and walk through it every day. It does not always register until I look at an image of it like that and then it does.

  16. Hm. For a sec there I thought The Homicide Map said “Map Butcher” rather than “Map Builder.”

  17. Max, that was the first thing I thought of when I had my first child by c-section. That I would have been a gain for the grims had I lived in an earlier time.

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