once more into the beach


vs_plaid_1I am determined —

This year to buy a new bathing suit. I am not sure why. But —

I. Will. Buy. A. New. Suit. This. Year.

That is my current favorite.



vs_postcard_1This is my other favorite.

I think I will hate the bottoms so I also ordered a bottom in a shade that will work with the top but is not gay-men-hate-women-ugly-leg-shortening-boyshorts.


[vic’s secret has an awesome return policy]


where those images come from :
those are from vic’s secret

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  1. It’s taken a get while to get used to but I love the boy short bottoms. Not on me of course.

    Those are cute suits. I like the second better.

  2. Dan

    I’m sure you’ll look amazing in either. But, for what it’s worth, I’ve always been a fan of plaid.

  3. Dare I step into this again? It’s hard to make out, but I like the looser pattern on the second one.

  4. Get both. They are both nice.

  5. max

    I am just crossing fingers one looks nice if both look nice that will be an embarrassment of riches.

  6. I should get a new suit too, come to think of it. I wonder where mine even is.

  7. “gay-men-hate-women-ugly-leg-shortening-boyshorts.”

    My former trainer would have loved you. He despised boyshorts and thought it was a gay male conspiracy.

    I agree with Michele. Get both.

  8. max

    Ironically, that bathing suits show up and I like the pastel postcard bottoms and the alternate bottoms I got to replace those if they did not work, and do not like the postcards top or the plaid bikini top or bottom.

    Maybe I should keep the bottoms I like and just midriff top it at the beach.

  9. That’s an idea but I would splurge on an additional suit. :)

  10. max

    Eh I shipped it all back I need to find a suit that works.

  11. Stiletto

    You’ve inspired me to find a suit from VS after touting their generous return policy. In fact, you’ve reminded me that I did buy my favorite lingerie set (price heavily slashed) from VS so I should have some faith.

    Thank you.

  12. max

    Oh you will look good in anything you get you have a bathing suit friendly figure.

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