one photo


max & stilettoOkay —

I totally lied.

There is photographic evidence Stil and I caroused in L.A.

But it was only ONE PHOTO and I did not know if it would turn out or even if I would ever see it it was on Stil’s phone and who knows how the mind or phone of Stiletto work?

[Okay actually I do know exactly how that mind works she is totally going to upload photos of Upstairs Neighbor Guy molesting his Pitt Bull I should never have exposed her to him ahhhh!]

But look. Me & Stil. Yay!


*ps : if any prospective landlords are reading here keep in mind carousing is not a regular thing for me and also i am not bringing upstairs neighbor guy with he stays here


*pps : look at stil pulling a veronica lake she is so sassy


*ppps : you guys get that is one photo op out of the entire night AND after saki white wine vodka beer a party on the roof being exposed to upstairs neighbor guy AND the man formerly known as faux record guy AND raw tuna AND — if either of us had not photo’d out okay it would have been a no brainer kill the photo reject? wow we are so photogenic


where that photo came from :
that photo came from the mysterious cell phone o’ stiletto girl

16 Responses to one photo

  1. Cute! I’m so jealous of the fun you had!

  2. max

    Well get down here you Canadian problem child.

  3. Sounds like you had a blast!

  4. Wow! How did you take an average picture and make it look so good? Wink!

    I’m already missing LA. Sigh!

    I think dinner with Raincoaster and Woeful would be extra adventurous!

  5. You two look like major trouble. I believe carousing is the keyword. However, as your landlord, I’d allow it.

  6. max

    I am a master of composition.


    Hey we are so not trouble. Jeez.

  7. looks like fun. it is raining green eyed monsters of envy here.

  8. Nice photo. Jeez, my cell phone is sooooo retro, you can’t even tell who is in the pic.
    Time for a new phone. Which means reading more instruction manuals. Nooooo.

  9. max

    Like you read the instruction manual.

    You know my phone takes videos and I did not even know that? That is just appalling to me but who would know that unless they had to pull out an instruction manual to troubleshoot?

    I bet yours does too.

  10. It doesn’t do video. I read that manual way more times than I wanted to since I had so much trouble with the phone and had to get it replaced about 7 times (they kept sending me refurbed phones). That thing does surf the web, though.
    I’m holding out for the 3G iPhone that is coming out in January.
    I’ve heard that one does housework.

  11. Add Kitty to dinner, too.

  12. max

    Oh like I can afford kitty dinner now I have been stripped by, by, by —

    Okay never mind dinner is on.

  13. If you are going to say you were stripped by the pillow I am going to have to question your sanity! Annoying hack neighbor guy is blowing something through the crack of your door!

  14. Okay, I’ll be there, but I don’t usually bring my phone so if you are looking for a cleaning product…

    Hey, now, you know I’m the Cajun who eats the ugly food. Just catch that damn elusive squirrel and, and, and… I’ll be there for dinner.

  15. max

    We are not eating the squirrel. Jeez.

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