okay i have to say this


Facebook appears to be —

Kind of a good thing.



where the art work comes from :
that is ceremony by jessica grace brooks

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  1. Don’t go in there without a blessed silver crucifix or you’ll find yourself coming to at five a.m. doing “which booze shot am I” quizzes.

  2. Facebook has become a circus much the same way MySpace has as well.

  3. Oh Oh MAX!
    Oh just kidding, it’s okay- I like the links people pass around.

  4. First an addiction. Then a backlash. – Now the Resurrection.

  5. max

    Holy Trinity, Batman.

  6. I’m just there for the recipes.

  7. I won’t say I told you so…in fact, I won’t say it at all until you come back and knock aside that maybe from the end of this post.

  8. max

    Wow you are strict.

  9. I’m so glad you joined!
    The first week I was addicted and crazed and not in control of myself.
    Now I am just doing it…whew

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