oh yez we haz the swag



So one of the interesting things here has been figuring out how to do the TNSSG swag. It’s all Vista Print all the time and Vista Print will happily co-host a storefront for you if — you expect 400 orders per month.


Oh sorry.


Cafe Press does stuff but they’re getting pretty damn expensive. And if you want a full store front instead of one image at a time on one link at a time, there’s a hosting fee per month and what have you it gets out of control.


Squarespace is a pretty cool new up and comer. But I already have a hosting service, urls, and product, and it’s $25 per month to run a site with a store through them [pretty as they may be] and then an additional fee to run merchandise through someone I don’t have an account with and don’t know. Not Square. Not Paypal. Someone entirely new. Hmm.


Ultimately, I figured, at $25 a month plus additional fees on every sale, I could buy Easy Cart for WordPress for $120 and in four to five months it would have paid for itself. So I went Easy Cart.


Easy Cart wasn’t a real friendly interface and I was willing to give up and ask for my money back after the first week, but the Easy Cart people are sort of like pit bulls, and said, No, we won’t give you back your money, we will make this WORK.

That sort of pissed me off going in, but ultimately turned out to be a good thing. The TNSSG swag page is up, and working, and it took hours both on my part and theirs to make this all fly and they never bitched about their hours. [Though I bitched about mine some.] And voila.

TNSSG Swag! Yay!

Also 5150 swag and AFW swag, though those do not apply to you unless you are part of 5150 or AFW.

Cool yes?


It is odd how I tend to be proudest of the things that were hardest to pull off, and to take for granted the things that were easier. I don’t know if a difficulty level should be a gradient of “proud.” Maybe I should take as much pride or pleasure in what comes easy. The stuff that comes easy is, after all, in some circles, called a gift from God. But still, I often give more clout to what does not come easy. To what I had to sweat and fight for.

That cart did not come easy. But god dammit it’s pretty. And hopefully works.


Love and Kisses,


Your Cart Crazy Adams Girl


:::go see:::


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