oh this is so wrong


It started at Stiletto’s —

With a call for votes for a hot blogger. But when I arrive, I discover the only photo is the guy in head to toe fatigues, a helmet, a chin guard, and big shades. So how can I tell if he is hot?

This must be investigated so I take myself over to the site doing the hot blogger competition with a promised calendar to come and —

Hello. No Photos.

I read the FAQ:

Someone’s “hotness” factor isn’t just about his or her outward appearance. Hotness is in the eye of the beholder. We encourage you to go to the blogs of the nominees [males here, females here] and get to know them inside. Connect on a deeper level. Talk about your feelings. Share. Shed a tear. Find yourself. And then decide if they’re hot or not. [Interestingly enough – but not surprisingly – the only bitching we’ve heard about the lack of photos is from men.]


Jeez that had to be corrected right away so natch I lodged a complaint immediately. Whew! They cannot call us women slackers any more.

Also it is so clear we need a REAL hot blogger competition that is about [hello!] hotness and that means hot blogger guys and hot blogger guy photos yay!

I nominate AJ Valliant and TJ Couch right off.

AJ Valliant has muscles. He has sexy tats. He has a manly chin. AJ is totally hot. Yay!

TJ Couch is surly. He is languid. He has all those muscles and a cute dog and kids like him. Surly and kids like you just spells hot.

THOSE are hot bloggers and they would look good on a calendar I would buy THAT calendar yay!

Post your nominations [with photo links too dammit] I promise to make the calendar if we get enough hot [and, um, willing] nominees. Yay!


[Share and shed a tear my ass.]


photos of hot blogger nominees shamelessly lifted from :
beats entropy and write field

where the art work comes from :
that is from nihchnihc

0 Responses to oh this is so wrong

  1. Dan

    Clearly there’s a problem when I’m not on the list. I mean, you wanna talk surly…

  2. max

    Photo link, Babe. Photo link.

  3. Dan

    Wait a second….you’re totally just using this as an excuse to score photos of hot guys.

    Good job!

  4. Sarah

    Wrong is teasing the nun-by-proxy with hot boys I can’t have. That’s what’s wrong!

  5. Yeah, good job, Max!

    ‘[Share and shed a tear my ass.]’

    Refrain, Stiletto, refrain from making awfully dirty joke!

  6. Dan

    Let’s see if this works…if not, I’m going to claim that I’m just too good-looking to understand all this computer stuff.

  7. Dan

    …can I be Mr. September, it being my birth month, and all?

  8. max

    Jeez already you are making demands. You centerfold guys are so pushy.

  9. Dan

    Ha. Not a demand…a humble request of the great and powerful Blonde Assassin.

  10. Kym

    Cute and he writes books!

  11. Dan

    That’s right. I’m all sorts of a catch!

  12. Guess I’m chopped liver then . . .

  13. max

    There there Frontier I will comfort you while you sob into your beer.

  14. Dan

    No. You’re October.

  15. Much like organ meats, FFE, you’re an acquired taste! I was thinking of submitting you…

  16. Liver and kidney . . . . I feel better already . . .

  17. That picture always looks weirdly arthouse. I feels like I’m in some 1970’s American apparel ad.

  18. max

    It is a great photo. The lighting and background are all moody and it shows off your pretty arms and chin.

    Wow nominations are not flowing in here you and TJ must have scared away the competition.

  19. Okay, I totally vote for your hot bloggers.

  20. Wait a minute, I DO have a candidate, however, he’s German and I forgot to bookmark his website. Damn it!

  21. max

    You LOST a hot blogger? Go find him right away jeez.

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  23. If I link to the dress photos, would that be a positive or a negative?

  24. max

    Do not mock my pain, Lou.


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