oh no she didn't....


the mirrorOh yes she totally did.

Um. Not me. Rain. Rain is hillarious. She was talking in some days you’re the eagle some days you’re the deer about making up a bio for a writer [careful of the vid it is brutal] and the bio was “she was raised by jackals on the African veldt…studied alchemy under Paracelsus at Tokyo Polytechnic” which is funny as hell to me and I said now I knew who to come to for bios and —

She wrote me a bio.

It is totally funny go see max adams : the pinkertons dossier.


where the art work comes from :
that is by eusay

8 Responses to oh no she didn’t….

  1. The best way to get me to do something is not to ask me but to say I wouldn’t dare. That almost fell into that category, so how could I resist?

    Is this going on your CV?

  2. max

    Oh better, this is going in the obituary file, the one with the big red letters on it “to be opened in the event of my demise.”

  3. californiablogging

    I was gonna say, can I try but no way could I top that one! It’s great!

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  5. Oh my my my. Raincoaster and I are wearing the same outfit.

  6. Would explain all the drunken “I love you Rain,” in my comments, sniff.

  7. Raincoaster would not dare run down the streets of Vancouver buck naked.

    Is it working, Raincoaster?

    This bio…as Necro commented, truly a case of the blonde leading the blonde!

    Love it!

    Max is now a certified goddess!

  8. max

    “Max is now a certified goddess!”


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