oh my god score!


Oh my God! Score! Remember the Shatner/Koko story? I got so much crap from that from this person who kept writing me and posting me vilifying me for that story telling me it was made up and wrong and calling me severely questionable names.

Well. Today someone sent me Youtube proof! Shatner met with Koko. Yay! Take that you internet stalker!

[Okay the music is kinda cheesey but I am so vindicated! Yay yay yay!]




special thanks to :
@clmerle for sending this clip

0 Responses to oh my god score!

  1. LMAO! I love the Shat.

  2. nothings

    As a doubter, I am duly chastened!

  3. ejalvey

    Max wouldn’t lie.

  4. saw that a while back. i wish i knew you needed evidence. i would have hooked you up.

    i need to pay better attention.

  5. I love William Shatner.

  6. max

    Me too. Always. [BTW, I have not heard word one from my Shatner stalker person, must have lost interest, yay!]

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