oh. my. god.


Anita Marie published this on Facebook. I am so cracking up. Viking Kittehs! Yay!




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  1. That’s from the website They have a host of these flash videos with kittens set to music. Some are, of course, better than others, but they are fun!

  2. They are our Over-Lords- YAYAYAYYAAAAAYYY!

  3. max

    This is clearly Funny Cat Weekend.

  4. My sound isn’t working again but I recognize the lyrics to Led Zeppelin. Damn it, this looks like it so rocks! And one of my favorite LZ songs, too.

  5. max

    Oh no it is not the same without the sound. You will have to look at it again when the sound is fixed.

  6. Rathergood is teh ossum. My particular favorite is the Hedgehogs, but believe me, it’s NSFW. It is the filthiest thing you ever saw.

    Also, the one with the Neo Nazi kitties is good. And Gay Bar? Gay Bar rocks.

    Actually, the best is the Spongmonkeys doing “We Like Tha Moon” which is on my blog somewhere. I could watch it all night.

  7. I have watched it all night…and here it is…
    We Like The Moon

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