oh my god


They fixed the tetrizz board!

Yay! Yay! Yay!


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  1. Kym

    Oh my God, Will Max ever post again?

  2. max

    Possibly not. I have to try to take my title back from Gar and Sawdust Willy now.

  3. aj

    Texas Willy Sawdust Man or whatever his name is (let’s just call him ‘I cheat at Tetrizz” from this point on) will still dominate, for reasons alleged in his aforementioned nickname.

  4. max

    Sawdust Willy broke me.

  5. max

    [Gar and I were neck and neck till that damn Sawdust Guy showed up from out of the blue that is like being one of the fastest guns and then a freaking nine year old shows up and shoots everyone.]

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