oh my god


coco & foxyThe new neighbor is a total shit.

This is a new new neighbor next door where DVG used to live with his blushing bride.

Today a couple men are over there and they are talking pretty loud and every other sentence someone slams the wall. Blah blah blah BAM! Blah blah blah BAM! Blah, blah, blah blah BAM BAM BAM!

This is the wall next to my desk so I am sort of jumping in my chair each time someone slams the wall and thinking, WTF?

So I finally go to my door and as I am opening the door they are walking out of the place next door and I say, Hey, while you are showing the place, could you not slam the wall?

Blank hostile faces. “That was me.”

[I guess that means this is not showing, this is the person who is now going to live there. Nice intro, guy.]

“Okay, I am on the other side of that wall.”

“I was demonstrating something.”

[Holy mother of God, if slamming the wall is the demonstration, what happens when the real thing starts?]

I close my door.

One of the guys yells, “Hey and you better keep it down in THERE!”

I hate the guy already. I hate his dog too.

*two months to go on the lease dear lord give me strength


where the art work comes from :
that is from claustral

20 Responses to oh my god

  1. see….i’m right…some people do really need their asses kicked

    g’morning max

  2. max

    Yes they do.

    I should move to the South. Men do not behave this way in the South. Sigh.

  3. on a scale of 1 – 10, that sucks REALLY bad.

  4. Nice to see the building manager is screening so well again.

  5. max

    These days I cling to Upstairs Neighbor Guy as a reminder of what civilities actually are supposed to be. And that is scary in and of itself but problematic morals and tasers aside the guy has gracious manners and that is so much more than I can say for the skeevy men of my floor.

  6. My upstairs neighbour is into jogging. A very laudable pursuit, except that he has yet to discover the great outdoors. Therefore he thunders about above my head on his bare wooden floor. Wonderful! I feel for you girl.

  7. “Demonstrating”?

    Well, if he was demonstrating how to be an asshole, he succeeded.

  8. Apparently he was demonstrating how to piss off the neighbors in the new apartment.

  9. max

    It was something about home decor. They were very boomy voiced as well as fisted I guess decorating talk requires smacking walls.

  10. is the horse image shown to indicate the sheer amount of shit that these neighbors are capable of?

  11. max

    Well there are a lot of horse metaphors I can invoke here but I really like the horse’s experession.

  12. Uh oh, what did his dog do?

  13. max

    It just barked. Normally I would not hate a dog but he is a rude rude man so a dog barking in there is just adding insult.

  14. Maybe you have an Asian neighbor who will steal it and wok it.

  15. max

    I have a very nice Asian neighbor she does not eat dogs she eats kimchi jeez.

  16. One Asian person = ten relatives from the Old World. Borrow one!


    (Of course, you could adopt my mother’s method of disposal for dealing with annoying neighborhood pets…oh wait, that’s HIGHLY illegal.

  17. max

    I am more concerned with disposing with annoying neighborhood neighbors. Does your mother have a solution for that? Will it scare the bejeez out of me?

  18. Well, if rat poison doesn’t rattle your nerves…

  19. BTW, I reread this post again, and I cannot believe the audacity of that guy! Selfishly, I also can’t wait to hear more stories!

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